10 Tips To A Great After Party

10 Tips To A Great After Party

10 Tips To A Great After Party

So, you know how to host a solid event. Your social media game is tight. You understand how to keep an artists and speakers happy. You know how to draw crowds. What’s the next step? A lot of event promoters think that their job is done after the doors close. But there is another way to squeeze value out of your shows: after parties.


Instead of letting your post event crowd trickle off into a bunch of other clubs, bring them back together for an official after party. Because no one wants to go home and go to bed yet, do they?


Just like regular event promotion, hosting an after party is an art. Below are 10 Tips To A Great After Party.



1. Use the same DJ From Your Main Event

Supporting acts are great people to ask. They will usually appreciate the extra exposure and pay. Don’t be afraid to ask the headliners to put in some more time behind the decks either. Some DJs literally live off the thrill of spinning. Many of them will be happy to go for round two – as long as you pay.


DJ - 10 Tips To A Great After Party


2. Get Another Celebrity With a Similar Fit for Your Crowd

Even better, get them to host it. If your crowd is into a show like Geordie Shore, ask one of them to host. Reality celebs are a good way to draw a crowd without attracting a huge fee. They are usually down for the free PR too.

celeb - 10 Tips To A Great After Party


3. Double Check Your Bar Regulations and Hours

Don’t let poor planning ruin your after party. Ensure the club is licenced to stay open late, serve liquor late, and doesn’t have any lockout hours associated with it.

regulations - 10 Tips To A Great After Party

4. Have Discounted Tickets

Discounted tickets equal more people in the club. Although the majority of the crowd will have come from the main event, there will be many people who haven’t. Make sure the people who did attend get the love they deserve.

discount - 10 Tips To A Great After Party

5. Choose a Small-Capacity Club

The smaller the club the more crowded it looks. The more crowded it looks the better you look. There’s nothing sadder than a huge, empty dancefloor. Smaller clubs also have an “underground” vibe. They feel exclusive and secret.  That builds hype for your brand and grows customer loyalty. Win-win.

smallclub - 10 Tips To A Great After Party

6. Beef up Security

After parties happen late at night. Your patrons have probably been pre-drinking before the event. They are going to have a couple of drinks during the event too. By the time they make it to the after party they are going to be a little bombed.

Security - 10 Tips To A Great After Party

If someone is wasted, don’t be afraid to deny them entry. Keep a careful eye out for any situations that could arise. Give your bar staff the same chat. Your priority is to make sure that everyone is safe.


7. Choose a Venue That’s Close By

Make sure your patrons don’t have to travel far to get to your after party. If it’s too far then people won’t come. Plain and simple.


Long journeys have tons of distractions – that can kill your numbers. If there is a more than a short distance to go you’ll need to put on a shuttle bus. If you’re feeling generous, you can make it free. Otherwise, a dollar or two a head should cover costs.


8. Have a VIP Area for Your Artists/Speakers

Don’t let a rowdy crowd hassle the talent. Unless they’re up for it! By this time, some of the artists will be drinking a lot as well. Let them do it in an environment that is comfortable and distraction-free.

vip - 10 Tips To A Great After Party

Partner up with a party-friendly hotel in the area to offer discounted room rates for the night. It’s obvious your audience is making a big night of it, so don’t let the fun stop once they leave the door. Plus, a hotel bed across the street always beats a cab ride across town.


9. Book a Surprise DJ

Announce it on social media only a few hours before the event. If you have someone that you know is guaranteed to fill up the club, don’t announce it a month before, wait until a few hours before the show. Sometimes it is better to even just hint at a surprise guest. This way, you’re only attracting avid and well-connected fans. This is the best way to pack a club.


10. Make it a Pre-Party Instead

Mix it up a little! Instead of an after party, why not have a pre-party the night before? Amp up your crowd before the event to build the excitement before the big night.

Colm shares his years of experience marketing events on our blog, writing about successful strategies to bring more people to your events. Colm is a product manager at Crowdflow, responsible for client success.