6 Ideas from London Tech Week

6 Ideas from London Tech Week

If you weren’t there, you missed out.

London Technology Week is a week-long calendar of events hosted at various venues across London.  The schedule focuses on ‘tech innovation, business successes, entrepreneurship and creative talent.’

With conferences, tech talks, workshops, awards ceremonies, product launches, expert panels, design showcases, networking events, and yes, free beer, there was more innovative thinking than you could know what to do with.

We’ve put together a list of the top eight ideas we took away from the week – and how they can help you do your job better.

  1. Get Involved With Augmented Reality
    Zappar Studios gave a demo of their technology that gives mobile users an augmented reality experience out of the box. Just what is augmented reality? Augmented reality involves putting digital overlays over the top of the physical world. Think pointing your phone camera at a product and getting pop-ups from Amazon giving you pricing from their online store direct to your screen.

Zappar Studios, via their Zapcode Creator, gives you the opportunity to create your own augmented reality content using their technology. You can literally build your own experience using their tools.

The technology has been used in various applications such as 1D Day, which was a YouTube stream with One Direction which had zapcodes popping up on the screen which people watching could zap with their phones to reveal exclusive content.

The possibilities in using this kind of technology in your events are endless. Check out Zapcode for yourself to dive in.

zapcode - 6 Ideas from London Tech Week

  1. Engage More With Your Customers With Good UX
    In an event called ‘Coffee chat: User experience design’, General Assembly hosted a meetup for all interested in meeting their design experts. General Assembly is a worldwide company that offer courses, classes and workshops based around topics like digital marketing, product management and user experience design.

Hosting the event gave attendees an insight into UX and the benefits that good UX can have on a user. UX can be used to improve usability, pleasure and accessibility between a user on a product or service.

In the context of running events, you’ll want to examine how having a better designed website or app for your event or company will up customer satisfaction.

Think about taking an online course or class with General Assembly to examine in detail how having a better UX will mean better business for you.

Customer-Engagement - 6 Ideas from London Tech Week

  1. Wearable Tech For Your Audience
    Team Turquoise dropped the idea for a very cool piece of tech during the week. The Doppel, with a similar look and feel to a FitBit or other fitness tracker, is worn on the wrist. It seeks to alter the wearer’s biological rhythms by sending a pulse into the wrist. Using this pulse will encourage either a slowing or a quickening of the wearer’s heart rate.

It got us to thinking about how a wearable tracker could be handy to patrons at a music event. Often at large events there will be people passing out and neglecting their health. They may experience dehydration, over-exertion, and a number of other avoidable health issues.

wearable tech - 6 Ideas from London Tech Week

A health tracker that a patron wears that could warn them when they’re overheating, need a drink of water, or a rest could help save paramedics time and money, and keep you customers healthy.

  1. Open Data = Free Crowd Statistics
    Omid Ashtari, a London Technology Week Ambassador from Citimapper gave insights into big data. Citimapper uses open source data to fuel its journey planning app, giving users choices of routes, modes of transport, length of the journey, price, etc.

At the London DataStore, there are almost 600 different data collections, featuring everything from ‘Place of Residence by Place of Work, Region’ to ‘London Ward Well-Being Scores’. This data is available free of use to anyone who is interested in doing analysis on it.

customer statistics - 6 Ideas from London Tech Week

You may be able to tap into key demographic data for your audience. For instance consider your region, if a greater amount of people from your region work in another region, you may be able to increase your advertising there as well at the home location.

  1. How To Hire A Good Developer
    Stack Overflow Careers, known for being the home of developers the world over, was a headline sponsor for London Technology Week. They ran a number of events focussed on technical talent, but their key lessons were in how to hire developers.

These key lessons were:

  • Don’t base your hiring solely on formal education
  • Consider remote employment
  • Introduce developers into your team

If you’re considering hiring a developer for your website or app, these are some great takeaways to keep in mind.

hiring a good developer - 6 Ideas from London Tech Week

  1. Keep On Top Of Tech Startups That Can Help You Do Business
    There were some killer startups presently during the week. We heard from Songkick, which gives you a personalized calendar of concerts from your favourite bands in your area. There was Yoyo Wallet, a mobile payment platform where you can pay direct from your mobile phone, and rack up loyalty points with your store at the same time. Social Bro is a tool to help you ‘analyze, engage and monetize’ your Twitter audience.

By keeping your finger on the pulse of new startups you’ll be able to find which ones can help you to run your business more smoothly, professionally and simply than before. Make sure you stay informed by following startup blogs and getting involved with up and comers.
startup - 6 Ideas from London Tech Week

Colm shares his years of experience marketing events on our blog, writing about successful strategies to bring more people to your events. Colm is a product manager at Crowdflow, responsible for client success.