9 Killer Event App Features

9 Killer Event App Features

If you’re serious about your event you’re going to need more than a static event web page, a Facebook group, and a dedicated Twitter account. Your audience now expects a fully interactive event experience direct to their mobile device. If you’re yet to take the jump because it all seems too complex, here’s a guide to what your audience and sponsors want from you and your event app.

What do I need?

So where do you start in getting what you want from an event app? You need to know kind of app you want and you want to set the limit of what you’re willing to spend building it.

Web apps are not user-friendly. Completely custom built apps are expensive. White label apps are the way to go and range in price from $0 to $5000k plus.

Some are free or freemium:

Some are low cost:

Yet, you may need to add extra paid for services to these.

Always remember the cost spent on the app doesn’t mean that it is your total outlay. You’ll need to factor in updates, man hours, app promotion, etc.

What your customers want. What you want. What sponsors want.

The three drivers for your app content and services will be what your customers want and expect from your event app. Then, what you want and need to get from the app for data extraction. Finally, what your sponsors want from the app such as brand exposure and audience analytics.

Anything included in the app that doesn’t satisfy one of these three is wasted time and effort. Know your audience, know your company, know your sponsors!

1. Offline Mode


Face it, WIFI fails and your mobile network’s choke out quickly. Your app must function as a useful tool without an internet connection. Using Bluetooth capabilities, event notifications can be spread and networking can still occur.

Offline mode for event app

Losing a connection method doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Make sure you have a backup data transmission method in place makes your audience will warm to you. You may not be able to call or check Facebook, but you can get an in-app message to your friend who you lost … lifesaver.

2. Networking (Profiles and Matchmaking)


Tinder gets people together based on location and a picture. Meetup gets people together for a common interest based on location. Your app gets people together to watch the set their friends are interested in. Your app lets people add new friends and lets them decide whether to add them on Facebook in the morning.

These features are all very possible and in use today. Your sponsors will be keen for the audience analytics.

images (2)

3. Push Notifications


Being able to notify attendees of a lineup change, a temporary closure or long lines increases customer experience. You can also send notifications in the lead-up and after the event. Make sure you don’t go overboard – if you send too many notifications people will either switch them off or delete the app.

Push notification features for event app

4. E-commerce Opportunities


You probably won’t be able to do away with your merchandise stand. But offering products in your app store before, during and after the event brings greater sales and reduces stock.


5. Aggregation and Collaboration


There are app solutions specifically for photo and video upload. But incorporate this feature into your app directly. This is a play on the already popular social media feed displays.

download (3)

Make your app a platform for collaborative social interaction. This gives your audience the chance to feel involved and get involved! Q&A with speakers, crowd sourcing who should play your 5 pm slot and polling the audience on the best set of the day gives them the opportunity to feel involved in the artistic process.

6. Advertising


The perfect way to promote your sponsors or upcoming events via in-app banners. Again, there’s a balance between what sponsors want and what customers will tolerate. Don’t overdo it.

In-app banner inside your event app

7. Interactive Floor Plans


The obligatory map with interactive features is a must. There’s nothing worse than a map that doesn’t incorporate geo-location capabilities of the phone.

Floor plans for your event

8. Livestreaming


A killer way to involve all the people that couldn’t get to the event is livestream. Interest those who have a timetable clash and want to see and hear what’s going on in another part of your venue. This is a massively beneficial module in your event app that the current market is not representing.

Livestreaming features inside your event app

Use the next level of social media including Periscope and Meerkat. It’s complex to invent your own video stream platform. But, it is realistic to facilitate sharing on the live streaming applications.

9. Multi-Event for Easy Reuse


Many of the app solutions offer a multi-event choice when building your app. This saves you a huge amount of time as you can reuse the structure of your app for your next events.

Take the time and ensure you plan correctly for what you want and need. This is an iterative process and you will get better each time. Set up the infrastructure required to support your app and demand great support.


Colm shares his years of experience marketing events on our blog, writing about successful strategies to bring more people to your events. Colm is a product manager at Crowdflow, responsible for client success.