Rafiq is the founder of Crowdflow.io and is on a mission to create technology to help organizers sell out great events.

5 Urgency Strategies To Increase Ticket Sales

Urgency is a common marketing technique used for decades. A sense of urgency has a direct impact to increase ticket sales – there’s no argument. But be wise, you must use this tactic with professionalism.   I trust you are a skilled event promoter. You have ethics. You’re attracting big names and have built a name for commanding large audiences. There’s no question you host great events.   Yet, everyone hosts great events. There are more quality entertainment choices and conferences than any other time in history. The biggest risk is being squeezed out of calendars. Ensure your event is …

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Content Marketing for Event Promoters

If you are an event promoter, you’re using social media. If you have read our guide on social media for event promoters, you are using it well. The next step in building your audience is creating an effective content marketing strategy.   Content marketing is value that event promoters share with their audiences. This can be anything from industry news, self-shot video, blog posts, or photo albums. The idea is simple: if you want to hold your audience’s attention, you need to provide value.   Content marketing is the core of marketing channels like email marketing and social media marketing. …

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