What eCommerce Taught Me about Event Marketing

What eCommerce Taught Me about Event Marketing

What eCommerce Taught Me about Event Marketing

What eCommeerce taught me about event marketing ? The similarities between event marketing and ecommerce are few (you both sell things to people online) but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn anything from ecommerce sites. The best ecommerce operators employ some pretty effective marketing tactics that translate well into any industry that relies on online sales.

It Starts with a Strategy

This doesn’t have to be highly involved, but it definitely helps to create a list of the methods you plan to use for reaching out to potential customers. This includes your social media posts, email campaigns, blogs, and anything else you do to get eyes on your event. Track your progress and refer to your plan periodically to ensure you stay on track and gauge the success of your efforts.

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Grab ’em By the Feels

Successful marketers know that appealing to people’s emotions is the way to grab those clicks. This means strong taglines for your posts paired with a great event description, one that communicates the benefits attendees will enjoy. Too often, we see promotional posts that are nothing but the name of the event and a few bland descriptors.

If you want to inspire people to sign up for your event, you need to do just that: inspire them. Your tagline tells them exactly why they need to read your post, with a touch of fear thrown in (the fear of what they’re missing, what they aren’t doing right, or something similar). Your description touches on a pain point and then explains how your event eases that pain.


Tagline: Make sure your marketing efforts pay off!

Title: Take Your Marketing Cues from eCommerce

Description: Not getting the most from your marketing efforts? Apply these lessons from top ecommerce marketers to grow your conversion rates by 20% or more!

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Don’t Ignore Retargeting

Analytics allow you to easily discover all of those potential customers who clicked on your post without purchasing tickets. These people displayed a true interest in your event. Don’t ignore them; incentivize them.

Create two retargeting ads, altering your tagline to include an incentive and promo code.

Example One: Ready to take your online event marketing to the next step? Take 20% off our eCommerce Marketing course with the promo code ECMD.

Example Two: What’s a 20% increase in conversion rates worth to you? Funny, that’s the same discount we’re offering with promo code ECMD.

Facebook makes retargeting simple with its Dynamic Ads. You can also use cross promotion with this tool.

Make it Personal and Original

Stock photos are simple, but that doesn’t mean they work for everything. When creating your promotions, try to use photos and videos from previous events, of speakers or performers, and anything else you can do to give your promotional materials a personal, original touch. One of the things missing from our online world is that personal interaction that helps build relationships. Offering your audience the chance to see the real people behind your events helps create that connection.

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Making the Sale Is Only the Beginning

Start thinking of anyone buying tickets to your event as potential marketers, since that’s exactly what they are. Make it easy for them to help spread the word. At the same time, you can market other events to them.

It doesn’t end there (nothing ever does, but in this case, that’s a good thing). Every time you gain a customer, you also gain a boatload of customer data. For god’s sake, use it! Sure, you could pay to place your promotions in front of half a billion eyes. But, wouldn’t you rather place highly-targeted ads in front of the eyes that might actually care about your event?

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all offer platforms for targeted ads, so stop wasting time and money on an “anyone and everyone” approach. Instead, target users by interest, behavior, gender, and more, all based on those fabulous analytics from your best customers.

So, those are the ideas I borrowed from ecommerce. Do you have any surefire marketing tactics? We’d love to hear about them!

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Colm shares his years of experience marketing events on our blog, writing about successful strategies to bring more people to your events. Colm is a product manager at Crowdflow, responsible for client success.