Next Level Event Marketing: 6 Actions That Work

Next Level Event Marketing: 6 Actions That Work

Promotion experts who can hold a great event are in bigger demand than ever. If you are looking to improve your standing in this field, then here is a must-have list to improve your game.

1. Trust In Others You Must


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It is possible to do a DIY promo operation, but it will only get you so far. To improve and to scale past a certain level, you must learn the value of outsourcing. Choose wisely for an expertise in an area that will improve your service.

Even if you are not quite ready to pay professional companies for their expertise, begin to identify them. Attend other parties to see the companies who provide real value. Take note of their customer experience. When you are able to increase your budget, you can improve your presentation with little work.

ACTION: Identify the one top service supplier that would take your events to a higher level. Don’t worry about price for now, just be aware.


2. Separate Business Relations From Friendships


Business relationships are built to aid business. Don’t mistake this for the companionship that a friendship is built on. A friendship fails without a mutual respect for each other. Likewise, a business relationship fails if both cannot provide value.

Business vs friendships in event marketingDon’t be shy to pressure suppliers for better rates. The relationship they built with you buys communication. If you do not use their service you owe them a call. You don’t need to explain why, just inform them of the decision. A good service provider will appreciate the information and respect the decision.

A great service provider will stay in touch and seek ways they can increase value for your events.

ACTION: Pick up the phone or send an email to a supplier that can provide you value. Establish a communication channel and let things build. It’s important to see business relations as a route to success and this will help you take the time to built the relations.


3. Value At A Better Price

Part of the value you provide as an event promoter is to seek better value for the money spent. Don’t be a price grinder but work with suppliers to evolve their offering to provide you with better value.

As your reputation increases over time, you will also be able to negotiate better rates. The benefit of being able to put a brand name in front of a loyal audience is worth something to your suppliers. Use it to attract companies that will evolve with you.

Certain companies are also used to working with each other. If you use complementary products for your events, then see if you can get better pricing or better value.

Finding value in a negotiation

ACTION: Call the supplier that accounts for the biggest spend. Tell them you don’t want better pricing but want to discuss ways they can fine tune to providing you better service. This may be accurate billing saving you time. This may be a beta test on a new offering they have.


4. How To Be Awesome More Often

Do not expect all events to be successful to the same level. When you have a successful event, set aside money to subsidize less successful events.

As you increase your reputation as a promoter, there will also be events that you hold to keep your name fresh. Realize that all events don’t have to be a huge win. Golfers call this course management. It also helps keep cash flowing through the business while you build a reputation and experience.

ACTION: Review last year’s events. How many were wins? How many were losses or mediocre? This action will take 20 minutes, in your head. It’s important to accept the losses as a part of this business, as a cost of playing this game. A cost paid to win big.

Success VS Failure in Event Marketing


5. Turn It Off

The successful know how to turn on the engine in a big way. The best way to be the great is to ensure you’re passionate about the job. Event planning is well known to be a stressful career path. If you’re not passionate about this career it is easier to find an alternative. A genuine enjoyment for your work will shines through and make the difference.

The problem is most of us don’t know how to shut off. To improve and adapt, we need downtime. Know how to take care of yourself. The easiest way to achieve this is through a movement practice such as yoga. Another common solution is sports. Just make sure the sports are for enjoyment and don’t turn highly competitive.


ACTION: Block time in your calendar to shut off. I schedule three times a week but start with at least one hour a week.



6. Hard Lessons of Leadership

Just because all suppliers are in place and the talent is on stage does not mean that your job is done. Have a project plan in place such that you can check on your audience during events. This plan will of course outline details when things go wrong.

Your job as a leader is to keep your team free to execute the plan. Keep them free from management intrusions. Keep them free from unruly attendees. It’s also important to keep yourself free from getting caught up in low-level problems. This will allow you to attack the unforeseen problems that always arise.

ACTION: Gather your team and document all the tasks that make a great event. It’s a pain to do the first time, but that template lasts forever. Take the time to address all the risks to the success as well. Plan for people to have the power to address problems with an agreed upon plan. This doesn’t have to be perfect the first time. The first time is simply the first iteration as this plan will improve with each event.


Leadership in event marketing

Colm shares his years of experience marketing events on our blog, writing about successful strategies to bring more people to your events. Colm is a product manager at Crowdflow, responsible for client success.