Interactive Displays for Events: Upping Your Crowd Connection

Are you looking for new ways to engage with your audience during your event? Don’t let participation start and finish with social media in the lead up to the day. Interactive displays draw your audience in. They encourage new ways to not just experience an event but collaborate as well.

Display screens streaming social media updates. Touch screen gamification. LED and projection art installations that react to music and crowds. The choices and price points available are more diverse than you’ve even thought of.

Interactive displays are a good way to improve awareness for your event, sponsors and brand. You can do this through advertising used in conjunction with the display.

With all that said, we’ve rounded up a few ideas to get you started. Here are a few suggestions how to incorporate an interactive display into your next event.


  1. Session Enrollment

If sessions have limited capacity, you can offer a service to book spots. You may have implemented a web-based pre-registration. For those that decide they want to attend on the day, this gives the opportunity to attend. This is also handy for those that didn’t know to pre-book. You’ll also get audience numbers with this enrollment method.

Online registration and interactive displays


  1. Live Twitter & Instagram Feeds

This is what you’ll see as standard at events now. These feeds offer your attendees (and possible even non-attendees!) a way to share their photos and thoughts through hashtags gets the crowd involved. Check out solutions like HootSuite’s HootFeed.

Using Twitter and Instagram with interactive displays


  1. Real Time Polling

Have displays set up that either provide a touch to vote poll. Another option is opt-in via cell. Have the results displayed across the venue – try “What’s the song of summer?” or “Best booth of the day?” There are a bunch of different real-time polling packages on the market. Have a look at options like the following:


Polling with interactive displays


  1. A Sneak Peek of Upcoming Content

Have an interactive display set up with headphones attached. This can give the attendee a chance to watch and listen to upcoming content. In turn, they can see what else they might like to check out. Smart interactive displays with a camera can give feedback on participant sex and age.

Sneak Previews in increasing your crowd connections


  1. Exclusive Web Store

Give the people what they want! An item offered only for sale via kiosks mid-event makes things more exclusive. Don’t put up with an over-crowded merchandise area. You can just offer a pickup area for whatever they selected over the display. Too easy. Retailers like Neiman Marcus have digital display tables. Rebecca Minkoff has smart fitting room technology. These are just some ideas to think about giving sales an extra boost.

 Exclusive web stores and online interaction

  1. Maps / Floor Plans

We’ve all seen the shopping centre search and display maps. Type in what store you’re after and it will provide a direct route from your location. If you have a  large venue, you’ll want to consider getting some of these babies. That way your event staff can sidestep learning where everything is. When people ask where something is they can point them in the direction of the map display. This gives staff more time answering important questions.“Why don’t you guys have a pizza stand here?” You can find floor planning software with vendors listed below.


  1. Photobooths to Displays Around the Venue

Who doesn’t love a selfie? There are a few issues with event photographers. Everyone wants to see the photo first. Scream “DELETE, DELETE, DO IT AGAIN!”. Why not have photobooths where people can see the photo on capture? Delete and retake again at their own leisure? Then stream the uploads to various displays around the venue? Add on virtual cartoon hats and branded stickers for an event specific theme. For a shady money grab, offer prints for a fee. There are many options out there including:

 photobooths and crowd connections

  1. Gamification

Appeal to the child in your audience. Have touch screen games available for them to play with. Branded games are particularly appealing to sponsors. Try approaching them to see if they’d like to collaborate. It may bring a different spin on brand exposure. Heineken have had some innovative approaches to branded games.


Check out Heineken’s  campaigns:


  1. Interaction as Art

Interactive light displays that change with the crowd and music are impressive. People will be texting their friends saying, “Get down here now and see this!”. You can see some awesome light play at the clubs listed.


You’ll want some inspiration. We suggest checking out any big tech, electronics  or trade shows in your area. These conferences have a huge amount of innovative types of interactive displays. They could provide you with the brainwave moment for your next event.

Interaction as art with interactive displays

An interactive display can help get more from your event and audience. It can also grab vital data from those who get involved. You can also have another non-static platform to increase branding and sponsor advertising. With a well planned interactive display, you’ll add value to your event. And you’ll have people talking about your brand well after they’ve left the venue.

Colm shares his years of experience marketing events on our blog, writing about successful strategies to bring more people to your events. Colm is a product manager at Crowdflow, responsible for client success.