Skiddle: The Ticket Platform That’s Taking Over

Skiddle: The Ticket Platform That’s Taking Over

Skiddle: The Ticket Platform That’s Taking Over


Last year, we broke down some of the world’s most popular ticketing platforms in order to help readers understand the pros and cons of what’s out there. There are a lot of options, both for low-expense indie promoters, and more established commercial operations.


It’s time to add another option to the pot, and boy is it a big one. The UK-based Skiddle has recently took over Ticketmaster as the most visited online ticketing platform.


There are some reasons for the higher ranking other than traffic from event-goers, but we’ll get into that later. The platform is free, which makes it a home run for indie promoters. You received 100 percent of ticket sales. It’s worth mentioning that consumers pay a 10 percent booking fee through the service, but if you offer free tickets this fee is waved.


This article will tell you everything you need to know to get the most out of this platform.

What Is Skiddle?

Skiddle prides itself on being “the UKs largest What’s On guide” and lists virtually every show in the region. The site also helps users find hotels, restaurants and keeps them up to date with industry news.


Skiddle also offers multimedia services for more affluent customers through its Skiddle Bus media team.


The website boasts more than 1.1 million registered users, and that’s not even counting the millions more who frequent the site casually to cruse for new shows.

An Integrated Community

Skiddle also melds the world’s of social media and message boards together. Users can create profiles, friends lists, join a discussion forum and favourite promotions or venues.


Skiddle features everything you need to become engrossed in the music community. If you are going to use the program, make sure you take the time to post on the community forums and make your brand known.

integrated-community - skiddle

Engage with the people and groups that you are targeting for your marketing campaigns. Skiddle makes it easy to narrow down your niche, and contact the communities that are relevant to your promotion.


People want more than interaction. You need to provide them with value through community posts. After that, they will have their ears’ piqued when you drop an event listing.


How to Add Your Own Event

The process starts with creating an account. Always a bit of a pain, but with Skiddle it takes about two minutes.


Creating the event is as simple as filling in a simple form and uploading some images to make your posting more appealing. If your venue features and artist who already has a membership on Skiddle, you have the option to tag them and appear on their personal artist page – creating easy access to their fans.


If your venue is not listed on their website, you have the option to add the details, which other promoters will be able to easily find if they host at the same location.


Promoters have the option to pay a premium to feature their event on the listings page for several weeks. However, the default option is a “plain listing” and is free. Plain listing makes things more competitive, but there are a few things you can do to boost your visibility.


Event Groups

If you are a part of the Skiddle community, you can tag several groups in your initial event post. This increases visability on those pages, which is a great method for targeted marketing.


Use this feature with a light-handed touch, however. You don’t want to just add your page to groups you have no affiliation with. That will be flagged as spam, hurting your promotion’s reputation on the site.


Be an Active Community Member

Becoming an active part of the community is one of the best ways to keep your promotion in the spotlight, and attract new customers.

Why is Skiddle More Effective?

The platform has overtaken Ticketmaster for several reasons.


First, it is more than simply a ticketing outlet – as they themselves say. The website is a hub for news, events, and discussion. It is a place where music fans can hang out online, meet each other, and find events.


Platforms like Ticketmaster only sell tickets, which means they are only useful when audiences already know about an event.


The beauty of Skiddle is that is a social hub. Users surf the site all the time, which makes it the perfect location to drop event ads.


Potential customers will brose the community forums for a while, then they will check out the events pages. When they do, you’ll be there waiting.

Why You Should Use It

Skiddle provides a unique opportunity for event promoters to connect with fans in a more authentic way than through other ticketing platforms.


It is a website used for a multiplicity of reasons, which creates the perfect opportunity to attract fresh attention and new customers.


Consumers use the platform for news and social reasons, and, while they are there, they check out the latest events. Use the platform wisely, and you will gain authentic customers who are engaged in your scene – which, at the end of the day, is what the platform is all about.

























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