Social Media Marketing Trends 2017

Social Media Marketing Trends 2017

Social Media Marketing Trends 2017

Social media marketing is both a blessing and a curse.

First, the blessings. Social media lets you connect instantly with your audience and offers you a simple, relatively inexpensive way to reach untold numbers of people, especially if one of your messages goes viral.

Really, the biggest drawback to social media marketing is how quickly it changes. Just when you think you’ve nailed it and you’ve got this baby licked, a new platform pops up, or one of your favourites dies. To fight this, you have to stay on top of what’s happening in your world, pay attention to the changes, and ride the wave. We’re here to help with the trends you can expect to see in 2017. This is your Social Media Marketing Trends 2017!

The Social Influencer

Social influencers are those big names that drive attention and garner respect. It’s why big brands like Nike sign popular athletes to hawk their shoes, or why people pay £100 for a plain white t-shirt from Kanye.

Every industry has its own social influencers. For event planners, this is likely the artists and companies whose events you promote or host. These people make a great place to begin upping your social influencer game.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2017 -social influencer

Are there any people who currently talk up your brand on social media? These are the people you hit first, and it’s as easy as asking them for the recommendation. From there, study and research the movers and shakers in your world. Follow them on social media, comment and post, share your world and build a relationship. You should be doing that anyway, but now you’re going to turn up the heat.

Get Visual

Video is one of the fastest growing means of communicating with your audience and millennials in particular love it.

Keep videos short, no more than two or three minutes, and post regularly. Keep them fresh and interesting, and allow viewers to post their feedback, ask questions, and offer their opinions. Then, respond to your commenters.

Platforms include Snap, Instagram, and YouTube, just to name a few. Don’t stop there, though. Share your videos on all of your social media profiles.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2017 - visual

Learn to Love Snap

Formerly known as Snapchat, Snap grew amazingly in 2016 and it’s set to keep growing in 2017. This is a great platform to grow your video game, too, since Snap offers so many options, including live stream and vertical video.

With Snap, you can make a single two-minute video, then break it up into five or six Snap posts.

One new Snap innovation that’s sure to catch on quickly is Snap Spectacles. In short: sunglasses that you tap to record a 10-second video. It’s the world from your perspective and offers a great way to create a truly personalized experience of your event.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2017 - snapchat

Start a Podcast

There are a boatload of podcasts out there on social media marketing (not to mention every other subject). Why are these so popular? Because people love them. Conduct interviews, replace every other blog post with a podcast, talk about your industry, ideas abound. Not sure where to start? Look for ideas on other podcasts.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2017 - podcast

One of the reasons people love podcasts is that they offer an efficient way to keep up on the industry. Sitting in traffic? Riding public transit? Working out? Listen to a podcast and kill two birds with one stone.

Of course, advertise your podcast on every social media account you have.

Give In to Paid Advertising

Organic reach is the nirvana, the pinnacle of social media marketing. Unfortunately, it takes time to get there and what’s more, organic numbers declined on Facebook in 2016, with no expectation that they’ll get better.

Paid ads are a viable means of reaching an insane number of people, especially on the bigger platforms (Facebook and Twitter for starters). Don’t be blinded by that, though. Look at the platforms that are big in your industry. If you host professional conferences, you want a strong LinkedIn platform. Market to the millennial crowd? Snap and Instagram. You get the idea.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2017 - paid advertising

Use Your Imagination

Facts are boring. The posts getting Retweeted, Liked, and Shared are the ones that hit people in the feels – anger, joy, sadness. Also, posts that inspire and get people’s imaginations rolling. Make it personal to really involve your followers.

Social media marketing is sure to change even more in 2017, so pay attention to what’s going on around you, follow the leaders in your industry, and up your game to grow your brand.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2017 -use your imagination

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