Ticket Platforms: Ease of Use for the Customer Platforms

Ticket Platforms: Ease of Use for the Customer Platforms

This is part 2 of a 3 part series on Ticketing Platforms for Event Promoters. Check out part 1.

Ticket Platforms: Ease of Use for the Customer


When choosing a ticket platform you need to keep one thing firmly in mind: how easy is it going to be for the customer to use?


Today we run through five of the top ticketing platforms and rate them on the ease of use for your customers. We cover all the bases: how to search for an event, the results page, the event page itself, the payment process and the ticket delivery. From here, you’ll get an overall score on which we think is the easiest for your customers to use.


This is arguably the most important thing to consider when choosing a platform. If your clients struggle to buy tickets online they will likely go elsewhere. Let’s jump into it.




Overall Score: 8/10


How to Search

Search for events is at the top of the main landing page for Eventbrite. This covers event name, area, and dates.


Ease of Use 10/10: Nothing to fault here



Results Page

The results page can be sorted by relevance or date, and includes a map indicating the locations of all the events listed.


The results page includes the event picture, price, title, dates, category, event organizer and address of the event.


Ease of Use 7/10: Not so easy without a specific event in mind.



Event Page

Contains the above event information at the top of the page.


Has ticket types, when the ticket type sale ends, the ticket price and the fee on top. There is a field to select quantity followed by the Order Now button.


There are share buttons below for email, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook (like only).

Underneath contains the full event details that the organizer has written.



Ease of Use 9/10: Well organised if the promoter has provided enough information.



Accepted payment forms include PayPal, bank card, Amex, Discover card, MasterCard, Visa, or you can request an invoice to pay offline.


You will have your ticket type and full cost viewable.


The reservation will be held for 30 minutes.


You’ll need to fill in all your details and select your payment type.


Ease of Use 9/10: Many payment options, but asks for too many personal details.



Ticket Delivery

Email confirmation with options for mobile tickets or paper tickets in an attachment or via a download link.


Ease of Use 9/10: Two ticket options should be plenty


Ticket Platforms: Ease of Use for the Customer - Eventbrite



Overall Score 7/10


How to Search

Search for events by artist, team or venue at the top of the landing page.


Very easy browsing on landing page. “Hot tickets” and “just announced” are searchable as well.


Ease of Use 8/10: It would be nicer if customers could search by genre on the landing page.



Event Page

Contains a picture, name, date, and fan reviews along with links to event info, on sale times, price range and ticket limits.

The website allows customers to buy their seats by clicking on a map, or having a computer pick for them.


A major downside is that the load times on these pages are very slow.


Ease of Use 6.5/10: Not enough information and slow load.



Payment Page

Have to enter a difficult Captcha verification to continue, and you’ll need to fill in all your details and select your payment type.


Accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club, Ticketmaster Gift Card, debit card with major credit card logo. There is no option for PayPal, which is a big fault.


Ease of Use 4/10: Very annoying process.



Ticket Delivery

Free mobile or print at home option, or home delivery (for a fee).


Ease of Use 10/10: Easy!


Ticketing platforms: Ease of Use for the customer - ticketmaster


Overall Score: 8/10


How to Search

You can search at the top of the landing page by artist name, venue, event name or city.


Ease of Use 9/10: an option to search by date range would be nice.


Results Page

Orders results by date range which include artist or event, venue, location, ticket prices and time.


Ease of Use 9/10: Includes all ranges of ticket prices!


Event Page

The event info is provided by the organizer, and you can share and RSVP through Facebook, Twitter and Google+. There is also the option to add the event to your calendar.


Ease of Use 8/10: Not quite as slick as Eventbrite.


Payment Page

There are some suggested events here, which is really handy. Accepts Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Diners Club.


Ease of Use 8/10: Fairly simple, could use more payment options.


Ticket Delivery

Print at home or will call (picking it up from the seller).


Ease of Use 7/10: More options are needed, as home printers are going out of vogue.


 Ticket Platforms: Ease of Use for the Customer - Ticketfly



Overall Score: 8/10 (if you use it correctly)

How to Search

You can’t “search” a Splash event per se. Splash is used to build pages that are marketed only by you!


Score: Depends on how well you market your event.



Event Page

The event page is as simple or as complex as you make it! You generally have everything on the one page including interactive media, cool layouts and social media interaction.


Score: Depends on how you set up your page – could potential be 10/10.



Payment Page

Minimal details needed.


Clean, easy ticket summary page.


Options to pay with MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discovery.


Ease of Use 7/10: Needs more payment options, but nice and simple otherwise.


Ticket Delivery

Printable ticket with QF code.


Ease of Use 7/10: Needs more ticketing options.

 Ticket Platforms: Ease of Use for the Customer - splash



Overall Score: 9/10

How to Search

“Looking to buy tickets” link on home page instead of search functionality.


Search function in link as well as upcoming events.


Ease of Use 8/10: Points off for not being on home page.



Results Page

Organized by closest match to the phrase typed in the search box.


Contains event name, dates, organizer and location.


Ease of Use 7/10: Really needs the ability to search by date.



Event Page

Contains everything you’d possibly need to know about the event in a very well laid out format, including further info, photos, how to get there, social media stream and tickets.


Ease of Use 10/10: Everything you need in a slick package.



Payment Page

Can sign up using your Facebook or Twitter details.


Accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.


Ease of Use 9/10: Very simple.



Ticket Delivery

Offers a selfie ticket, because why not?


QR code.


Credit card scanning.


Ease of Use 9/10: Everyone uses a phone.

Ticket Platforms: Ease of Use for the Customer

This is part 2 of a 3 part series on Ticketing Platforms for Event Promoters. Check out part 1.

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