Top 6 Event Manager Collaboration Spaces

Top 6 Event Manager Collaboration Spaces

If you’re not actively involved in your professional community, you’re already behind the eight ball.  Seek out like-minded peeps. Connect with others to give you insights into your own work. They can teach you new tricks and you can help them along too.

Check out these spaces for getting involved:

  1. Linked in Groups

Become more involved with your Linked In account. Groups offer boards with member-curated content from various areas of the web. See what the professionals in your area are sharing and reading.  Featuring Q&As and handy reads from the different parts of the events community.

Get started by poking around similar or aspirational profiles and seeing what groups and affiliations they have. Join up and browse interesting conversations or spark one yourself.

Have a look at these groups to get going:

Event Peeps: For Live Event Industry Professionals – over 130 000 members

Event Marketing Worldwide – over 16 000 members

Event Planning & Event Management – over 270 000 members (private group). This group also has many subgroups like USA Networking & Professional Development for Event Professionals & Meeting Planners
Top 6 Event Manager Collaboration Spaces - LinkedIn

  1. Facebook Groups

No doubt you’ll already be a part of at least a handful of Facebook groups. Cull the ones like “Family Guy Quotez” and “Glastonbury 2011 Lost and Found”. Add useful groups and add the best of these to your Favorites (in the Groups tab). Having a Group earmarked as a favorite means most of their updates will show up in your feed.

Top 6 Event Manager Collaboration Spaces - facebook


  1. Quora Topics

Subscribe to a few different Topics if you haven’t done already.

Quora is the world’s foremost Q&A archive. Answers are provided by the community and voted on by the public. Each contributor has their credentials and experience level listed after their profile.

You’ll quickly be able to tell who has the better answers by the number of votes and the authority of the individual. Be careful to avoid answers that are skewed by people promoting their own businesses.

Example question:
What should I measure during an event as an organizer?

Example question:
How can conference organizers coach their speakers to deliver a killer presentation?

Example question:
Hashtags: What are some Twitter apps that are used at live events to put tweets on a    screen?

Get involved by posting questions of your own and answering others. The more clever answers you amass the greater your profile in the industry.

Quora also have a weekly newsletter delivered to your Inbox that may give you interesting Q&A’s you hadn’t thought of.


Top 6 Event Manager Collaboration Spaces - quora


  1. Reddit

Believe it or not, Reddit isn’t just a source for time wasting. You’ll find useful sub-reddits if you look past the first page. Get involved with others in an anything goes atmosphere. Here’s a few to subscribe to for you to get started:





Top 6 Event Manager Collaboration Spaces - reddit

  1. Meetup

There is a reason people still fly all over the world just to attend business meetings. Skype may be brilliant, but face to face communication is still king.

Meetup is a platform used to connect groups of people with a main purpose in a specific location. There aren’t a great deal of Event Management specific groups, but you’ll be able to find like-minded people in groups focussed on topics like Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

Browse around the Meetups closest to you, dive into a group and sign up for some events.

If you’re London-based, you may want to check out these groups:

Outreach Digital (London) – over 2000 members
For professionals, businesses and academics, a knowledge sharing group focussed on workshops, debates, projects and competitions in the digital space.

London Entrepreneurs Network – over 5000 members
Their goal is for “anyone interested in networking; to meet business professionals, investors, and like-minded entrepreneurs, exchange knowledge and build successful new business partnerships.”

Top 6 Event Manager Collaboration Spaces - meetup

  1. Competitions

There can be some big opportunities to collaborate out there by entering entrepreneurship competitions. Creative crowdsourcing contests are everywhere. Get your name out there and get networking with some major companies and influencers.

Be on the lookout for both start-up comps and big brand business comps.

The Board
In a collab with K Swiss and Diplo, 100 entrepreneurs from across the world are involved in new brand activities for K Swiss sneakers.

The Pitch (UK)
Business under three years old? With a bunch of prizes and access to more business services and media coverage than you can shake a stick at, The Pitch can kick start your next event management foray.

Mass Challenge
Self-described as “the world’s largest accelerator and startup competition.”

Well worth a look. This site features a multitude of brand challenges to get stuck into. Think clients like Shazam, Nike, and Samsung. It also provides the opportunity to help tackle these challenges with other creatives from around the world.

Top 6 Event Manager Collaboration Spaces - competition

So to wrap up.  Get involved online and offline. Start a conversation or new business venture with someone new. They say it’s not what you know, but who you know, so get out there and get to chatting.

Colm shares his years of experience marketing events on our blog, writing about successful strategies to bring more people to your events. Colm is a product manager at Crowdflow, responsible for client success.