Trending on Twitter: The Easy Way

Trending on Twitter: The Easy Way

Trending on Twitter: The Easy Way


If you follow typical social media advice you may hear more about the failed trending hashtags of poorly thought through Twitter campaigns. Let’s face it, they’re pretty darn funny (McDonalds’ #McDStories anyone?).

Actually getting something trending? That’s a little more difficult.

Maybe it’s because we’re all cynical and witty. Or maybe it’s because companies haven’t thought through their social media strategies.

Twitter is a fickle beast.

You have to know your audience. You need to know that anything you send out isn’t contentious. Just because we remove tweets, doesn’t mean someone hasn’t image captured it on the other side of the world.

Check out a few of these clever hashtag campaigns from various companies to see what you can learn about how to get your event trending on Twitter. These are examples of the good stuff.


Know who to get on board

Key influencers can be crucial in getting your event out to a greater audience than you currently reach. Research carefully who the influential people in your market are, and reach out to them to collaborate together. You don’t have to get the Beibs on board, but it sure does reach a lot of people, doesn’t it?

Trending on Twitter: The Easy Way

Social media influencers on a smaller scale are often only paid in freebies, not cash. You probably haven’t thought about it, but this is very manageable for every event promoter. Find them; use them. Social media influencers are mass-market word of mouth (e.g. the best marketing money can buy). People trust social influencers. They won’t have to sell your show, simply telling their audience about it will do the job.

Don’t know where to find them? Start with your act. After that, invite bloggers and journalists to your event. Let them bring their friends.

Identify the people in your community who have the ears of your target audience, and show them a good time. Others will follow.


Consider donating your proceeds to charity

You know what people really like? Feeling like they are doing a good thing for others.


It can be easier to get others involved with your event if it’s for a cause. Make your show popular by giving back. Check out Nick Grimshaw’s retweetableness on this event.

Trending on Twitter: The Easy Way

This works like a charm – every time. You will have more engagement than usual, and it will be going to a good cause. There aren’t a lot of win-wins in this industry, but this is one of them.


Craft a clever competition

A competition designed to get your hashtag trending wins every time.

Esurance were the clever cookies behind the #EsuranceSave30 campaign. Folks had a chance to win $1.5 million with a retweet. It’s no surprise that the campaign garnered a “lazy” two million mentions in 24 hours.

They’ve also cleverly combined one of our favorite activities – taking pictures of our pets – and turned it into a competition with the #SuiteSquadContest for the 49ers.

Trending on Twitter: The Easy Way

Competitions end up attracting more followers and getting more people interested in your event. Period.


Live-tweet the action

You might not believe it, but following along at home is entertaining – really entertaining. It is almost as good as being there. Twitter savvy users have been up to this for a long time.

Live tweeters in your midst can help create atmosphere for your next event by building hype at your current one. Make sure they include videos and pictures for more interactive and compelling content. Get your staff to do this. Better yet, get those influencers we mentioned earlier to earn their freebies.

Do it yourself or invite journos to your event to cover all the highlights. We can’t all be Apple, but we can all do live-tweeting. Here’s a snippet from online journos covering the iPhone 6S release.

Trending on Twitter: The Easy Way

Do something funny or creative – or steal it

RedBull’s successful summer campaign was based off the back of a follower’s happy snap. The user held up a can of RedBull over one of the company’s cars, as if attached. Launching snaps of their own, the campaign soon took off. People all over the world took their own pictures, sharing the funny hashtag #PutACanOnIt.

Trending on Twitter: The Easy Way

It’s okay to take other people’s ideas and turn them into your own. Obviously, you give credit where credit is due. Make sure that you don’t directly steal content. Don’t get yourself in legal hot water. If someone has a good idea, use it, and give the credit.

Twitter can be a great medium when used correctly. It is a shame that so many promoters don’t get their social media strategies right. Check out some of the big guns to see where they are getting leverage in their Twitter campaigns.

They employ some of the most social media savvy people on the planet, and you can learn from them for free. Do it, and make the most of your social media time.


Colm shares his years of experience marketing events on our blog, writing about successful strategies to bring more people to your events. Colm is a product manager at Crowdflow, responsible for client success.