Sell more tickets to your event

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$89.99per month

  • Viral Boost incentivized referrals
  • Event analytics dashboard
  • Up to 3 events

InDemand Pro

$549.00per month + 15% of extra revenue

  • Up to $1M in ticket revenue
  • InDemand dynamic pricing
  • Viral Boost incentivized sharing
  • Event analytics
  • Crowdflow receives 15% of extra revenue generated


Contact UsCustom pricing

  • Above $1M in ticket revenue
  • InDemand dynamic pricing
  • Viral Boost incentivized sharing
  • Event analytics
  • Dedicated account manager

A few questions about our pricing packages

What does “up to $X in ticket revenue mean”?

This is the combined revenue of all your ticket sales (if you were to sell out). If you have a smaller event with less revenue, we discount the monthly price and receive a larger share of the extra revenue we generate for you.

If you have a larger event, we take less of a share of revenue and a slightly increased monthly cost.

This helps events of all sizes with a budget appropriate to them.

What does “extra revenue” mean?

InDemand dynamic pricing works to make you additional revenue on each of your tickets by increasing price based on demand.

When we create additional revenue for you like this, we take a percentage share of it. This incentivizes us to get the maximum value for your tickets.

For example, if your tickets were $100 and InDemand determined they were underpriced, it might increase them by $50 to $150. We would then receive a percentage of that extra $50.

We never take a share of your original ticket price.

How will I be billed for this revenue share?

You will receive an invoice at the conclusion of your event.

Is there a revenue share for Viral Boost?

No, revenue share is only for InDemand dynamic pricing. Viral Boost is included in your monthly subscription cost.

Do I have to use both Viral Boost and InDemand?

No, you can use either feature separately or not at all.

If you only wish to use Viral Boost, you can choose the basic Boost package for the best value.

How does the 14 day free trial work?

No charge will be made to your credit card during your free trial.

At the end of your free trial, your credit card will be charged the monthly subscription fee for the plan you have chosen.

You can cancel your free trial at any time.

Can I cancel, downgrade, or upgrade my plan?

Of course. There is no lock-in period. You can change your plan at any time, including cancellation.

What billing methods do you accept?

Currently we accept Visa and Mastercard online. If you wish to pay by a different method please contact us.