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“The bottom line is, Crowdflow helped me increase attendance at our events by 20-35%. It’s become an important part of our strategy.

Craig Reynolds, Digital Marketing Manager, The Mercantile Group

Dynamic pricing with InDemand


Setting prices for your tickets is an exercise in educated guessing. You’ll probably be somewhere in the right ballpark, but you won’t be sure.

InDemand is an artificial intelligence algorithm that takes the guesswork out by analysing your ticket sales in real-time and adjusting price based on demand, so that you sell the maximum amount of tickets at the best price.

You have control of the initial price plus maximum and minimums, leaving you free to simply let the algorithm do its work within the limits you set.

Our results have shown that the end result to your bottom line from ticket sales can be an increase from anything from 20% to 150%.

Incentivized referrals with Viral Boost


You already know that your strongest channel for ticket sales will be word of mouth.

What if you could accelerate and automate that process?

Viral Boost turns your attendees into influencers by letting you offer them a discount on their ticket in exchange for them making a personal referral to your event on their social media (Twitter, Facebook) or by email.

This massively amplifies your reach on social to not only your existing attendees, but their friends and contacts.

This effect snowballs and results in up to a 30% increase in ticket sales for your event, while turning attendees into brand advocates and influencers.


Ideal For Any Type Of Ticketed Event


Music, arts, films and food festivals. Local festivals particularly can benefit from extra reach with Viral Boost.


Concerts are especially good candidates for dynamic pricing.


Demand for sporting events can vary greatly. Dynamic pricing automatically adjusts for this.


Business conferences with paid tickets can often benefit from both increased awareness and optimal pricing.

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